Brussels, Belgium, June, 2022
  • Brussels is the Capital of Belgium and the Capital of the European Union. It hosts many international organizations and companies, including NATO. It is a multi-cultural city with 1.2 millions inhabitants.
  • Belgium is well known for:
    • So-called "French fries"
    • Beer
    • Waffles
    • And also for Spa, which is a Belgian city name turned to plain English... In Spa, you will find the best spa in the world ;-)
  • Brussels is best known for:
    • The Grand Place (the most beautiful place in Europe)
    • Manneken Pis
    • The Atomium
    • The PROMETHEE methods
    • Being my birthplace... (:-o)
  • Brussels is lesser known for:
    • Janneke Pis (the sister of Manneken Pis)
    • Traffic jams
    • Longer waits for retrieving luggage at BRU airport. (CRL could be a better choice, but then you have to find a way to reach Brussels from Charleroi). Belgium is not an easy country, but it is well worth to give it a try!
  • Anyway:
    • We (organizers, citizens, ...) are all happy to welcome you in Brussels for PROMETHEE Days 2022.
    • We (organizers) will be more than happy to help you to organize your trip to Brussels.
    • We (all) hope that the health situation will be much better in May or June and that we will be able to meet physically in Brussels


For more information on Brussels, please visit the Brussels website:




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