e-Rabat, Morocco, June 2-5, 2020



Instructions to authors



Organization of the e-PROMETHEE Days 2020 meeting:


• The e-PROMETHEE Days 2020 meeting is now organized as an electronic meeting.


Three phases are scheduled:

  • Phase 1 - Presentation upload and initial discussion.
  • Phase 2 - Zoom e-sessions (June 2-5).
  • Phase 3 - Post-proceedings publishing and O&D PROMETHEE Days 2020 Awards. (June 6 to October 5)


• Thank you for following the instructions below and for contributing to the success of the e-PROMETHEE Days 2020 meeting.


Phase 1 - Presentation upload and initial discussion (his phase is over now):


  • A Forum has been set up and is available at https://forum.promethee-gaia.net
  • All submitted abstracts or short papers have been uploaded to the Forum in a series of boards corresponding to the PROMETHEE Days 2020 announced sessions (see original Schedule to find your session).
  • Registration is mandatory to get access to the Forum. Registration to the Forum is free until June 1.


  • All authors please:
    • Register to the Forum.
    • Check the information related to your paper.
    • Make any required update.
    • Upload or send us your presentation by the extended May 25 deadline, using either:
      • Powerpoint or pdf presentation, preferably with audio or video annotation.
      • Video presentation.
      • Full or short paper (doc or pdf).
    • Pay the 35€ reduced registration fee by June 1. We need your contribution to cover our minimal expenses.


  • All registered participants please:
    • Consult all information available on the Forum.
    • Initiate discussions with authors and all other participants.
    • Pay the 35€ reduced registration fee by June 1. We need your contribution to cover our minimal expenses.


  • Registration fee payment deadline: June 1, 2020. Unpaid fees will result in paper removal from the conference program and from the O&D PROMETHEE Days 2020 Award competition, and in unregistration from the Forum.


Phase 2 - Zoom e-sessions (this phase is over now):


  • Daily e-sessions will be organized during the June 2-5 period.
  • The exact schedule will be announced during the last week of May and will take into account the time zones of the participants: we welcome authors geographically distributed over a 10-hour timezone difference (from America to India).
  • e-Session time, and thus presentation time, will be kept to a minimum for practical and technical reasons. Participants to e-sessions are encouraged to consult the Forum and to post comments or questions on the Forum before the actual e-session.
  • The Zoom system will be used. Connection instructions will be sent from UQAM, by our colleague Jean-Philippe Waaub, to all participants having registered and paid their registration fee.


Phase 3 - Post-proceedings publishing and O&D PROMETHEE Days 2020 Awards


  • A special PROMETHEE Days 2020 issue of the Outranking & Decision open journal is organized.
  • All registered authors having uploaded their presentation and participated in the corresponding e-session are welcome to submit their full paper by the updated September 7, 2020, deadline.
  • All submitted papers will go through a normal albeit accelerated reviewing process before they are accepted for publication: paper acceptance will be notified to the authors by September 21, 2020.
  • The JPB PROMETHEE Award 2020 is canceled (because no physical presentation of the papers can be evaluated). It is exceptionally replaced by two ( 2 ) 1000€ O & D PROMETHEE Days 2020 Awards that will be attributed by the jury to the two best papers published in the O & D special issue.
    • Eligible papers should:
      • Have been accepted for publication in the O&D special issue.
      • Be directly related to the PROMETHEE methods.
    • The winners of the two Awards will be announced on October 5, 2020. The prizes and trophies will be awarded to the winners during the PROMETHEE Days 2021 meeting.


Important dates:


  • Full paper submission deadline:

September 7, 2020



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